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(a) A person is guilty of creating or maintaining a nuisance if the person puts a dead animal carcass, or part of one, excrement, or a putrid, nauseous, noisome, decaying, deleterious, or offensive substance into, or in any other manner befouls, pollutes, or impairs the quality of a spring, brook, creek, branch, well or pond of water that is or may be used for domestic purposes.

(b) A person who neglects or refuses to abate the nuisance upon order of the borough or an authorized enforcement officer is guilty of a violation punishable as provided in KGBC 8.20.100. In addition to the penalties set out in KGBC 8.20.100, the court may assess damages against the defendant for the expenses incurred by the borough to abate the nuisance. [Ord. No. 1182, §1, 5-21-01. Code 1974 §29.40.030.]