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(a) Leave without pay may be granted by the borough manager in order to allow a regular employee to take time off from work without pay for personal or family reasons or to take time off beyond the medically certified period of temporary disability. The foregoing reasons for granting a leave without pay shall not be considered all inclusive and the borough manager shall have the discretion to grant leave without pay for other reasons so long as any leave without pay that is granted is consistent with the best interests of the borough. Only regular full or part-time employees may be granted leave without pay.

(b) Leave without pay must be requested by the employee in writing as soon as the need for such leave is known. All written requests shall state the reasons the leave is being requested and the amount of leave time requested. Written requests shall be submitted to the employee’s department head, who shall review and refer the written request to the borough manager, with the department head’s recommendation as to approval. A written reply granting or denying the request shall be given by the borough manager within thirty (30) days except in case of an emergency.

(c) Leave without pay may be granted for any period not to exceed one hundred twenty (120) calendar days without loss of accrued benefits. Leave without pay may be extended by the borough manager for an additional period so long as the request for the extension is made in writing and the extension is in the best interests of the borough.

(d) Failure of an employee to return from any leave without pay on or before the designated date without prior notice may be considered cause for termination and the denial of reemployment with the borough.

(e) Holiday pay and PTO are not earned while an employee is on extended leave without pay. The borough will not continue to pay its portion of the employee’s group medical and life insurance premiums while the employee is on a leave without pay for fourteen (14) or more calendar days. The employee, at his or her option, may elect to continue such insurance coverage as provided under the terms of such insurance policies at their expense. If the employee has elected not to continue insurance coverage and returns to employment, that employee has to reapply to determine insurability.

(f) Employees who are placed on leave without pay status for medical or disability reasons must use all accrued PTO prior to commencing the leave without pay. Any employee returning from leave without pay due to medical or disability reasons shall be required to provide a written release to return to work from a qualified health care provider whenever requested by the employee’s immediate supervisor or department head. [Ord. No. 1364A, §6, 8-1-05; Ord. No. 956B, §1, 5-1-95. Code 1974 §30.60.028.]