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(a) The borough manager shall establish procedures for the initial selection or promotion of employees. All selection procedures and rules shall relate to the applicant’s or employee’s merit, fitness, and ability to perform the duties and responsibilities of the position to which the applicant or employee seeks appointment or promotion. Experience and training may be considered when evaluating an applicant’s or employee’s fitness for a particular position. Drug testing requirements set forth by any State or federal law will be followed if applicable.

(b) Selection procedures may include examinations which measure the applicant’s or employee’s job-related ability, knowledge and skills. The appropriate form of each examination shall be determined by the borough manager and may include, but need not be limited to, oral, written, graded, pass-fail tests, resume analysis, employment references, reports of supervisors, performance evaluations and work sampling. Any setting of minimum qualifying scores or standards for any required examinations will be stated prior to announcing and recruiting. All selection procedures shall comply with KGBC 3.15.020 and other applicable laws.

(c) Depending upon the particular job offered, a physical examination may be required after offer of employment is made. Any physical examination so required must be completed by a qualified health care provider before an applicant is appointed or an employee is promoted to a particular position. Any minimum medical and physical standards which relate to the essential duties and responsibilities of a particular position will be defined in the job description. The standards may differ based on the essential duties and/or responsibilities of each position. No appointment or promotion shall be effective until the applicant or employee demonstrates satisfaction of any required minimum medical or physical standards. Failure to meet the required minimum standards shall result in disqualification for appointment or promotion to the position. [Ord. No. 956B, §1, 5-1-95. Code 1974 §30.20.015.]