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Prior Legislation – Ord. No. 139; Ord. No. 210; Ord. No. 212; Ord. No. 268; Ord. No. 281A §3; Ord. No. 306; Ord. No. 345A; Ord. No. 556; Ord. No. 604; Ord. No. 640; Ord. No. 651; Ord. No. 675 §§3, 4; Ord. No. 682; Ord. No. 689; Ord. No. 770; Ord. No. 803; Ord. No. 810; Ord. No. 823; Ord. No. 832A; Ord. No. 837; Ord. No. 844; Ord. No. 871; Ord. No. 872; Ord. No. 881; Ord. No. 884; Ord. No. 888.

Editor’s Note – By adoption of Res. No. 284 on January 16, 1978, the Ketchikan Gateway Borough established and implemented an affirmative action policy for equal employment opportunity, to improve [sic] minority and female employment in all areas of the borough service. Copies of said policy are on file and available for public inspection in the office of the borough clerk.

O.B.A. – Investigation of alleged improprieties of borough employees, 72-11; application of Fair Labor Standards Act to borough and borough employees, 74-14.

Cross References – Administration, KGBC Title 2; insurance benefits for borough employees, Res. No. 8; participation in state retirement system, Res. No. 85.

State Law Reference – Public officers and employees, AS 39.