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(a) Development Criteria. In acting on a proposed cluster subdivision, the planning commission serving as the platting authority shall give particular consideration to the criteria listed below. If, in the opinion of the planning commission serving as the platting authority, the proposed subdivision could be improved with respect to the criteria listed below by the reasonable modification of the location of cluster open space or configurations of lots, streets, or parking areas, the proposed subdivision shall be so modified or approval of such subdivision may be denied.

(1) The proposed subdivision shall comply with all applicable regulations and policies, including but not limited to those contained in the zoning ordinance, the comprehensive plan, and the coastal management plan.

(2) Cluster open space intended for recreational use shall be easily accessible to the intended users.

(3) Cluster open space shall include irreplaceable natural topographical features located within the subdivision, including, but not limited to, stream beds, rock outcroppings, areas of rough terrain, and beachfront areas, to the extent feasible.

(4) Lots, streets and other improvements shall be designed to minimize alteration of the existing topography, to the extent feasible.

(5) Diversity and originality in subdivision layout shall be encouraged to achieve the best possible relationship between development and the land.

(6) The internal circulation system of the subdivision shall be designed to minimize access to primary streets.

(7) Individual lots shall be arranged to minimize the area devoted to streets and driveways.

(8) Individual lots shall be situated to avoid the adverse effects of shadows, noise, and traffic on the residents of the site and residents of adjacent properties.

(9) The width of the proposed buffer yard shall be adequate to protect adjacent properties from increased cluster density and associated adverse impacts (traffic, noise, glare, etc.) to the extent feasible. [Ord. No. 1785, §1, 2-1-16.]