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(a) “Final plat” means the final drawing of the proposed subdivision prepared, drawn, and submitted in accordance with the requirements of this title and State law, which shall be deemed to incorporate all the conditions upon which the preliminary plat was approved by the planning commission serving as the platting authority and which, upon approval, is recorded in the Recorder’s Office, Ketchikan Recording District, Ketchikan, Alaska.

(b) “Flood management area” means those areas designated and depicted as “special flood hazard areas” and “other flood areas” on the official flood insurance rate map (FIRM) of the Ketchikan Gateway Borough and the cities of Saxman and Ketchikan, Alaska, prepared by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, which flood insurance rate map, and the flood insurance study, are on file in the office of the borough clerk and in the borough department of planning and community development, and are available for public inspection and copying and are incorporated herein by reference thereto. [Ord. No. 2030, §2, 2-26-24; Ord. No. 1785, §1, 2-1-16.]