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(a) New Construction.

(1) All dwellings and commercial buildings within the South Tongass Service Area and within the area of service provided by the regional potable water system and water treatment plant located at Mountain Point which are constructed after July 1, 2014, shall connect to the regional system upon new construction.

(2) If a water service valve, curb stop, or saddle is required where none had been planned or constructed, it shall be properly installed at the property owner’s expense.

(b) A dwelling or commercial building shall be considered within the area of service of the regional potable water system if it is a new structure located within 300 feet of a water main measured via the shortest route within an utility easement or right-of-way.

(c) The owner of a dwelling or commercial building which is required to connect under subsection (a) of this section may apply for a variance to remain unconnected by filing an application with the public works director under KGBC 2.115.050 containing such information as the owner believes justifies the variance. A written application shall be reviewed by the manager or designee following the procedures in Chapter 2.115 KGBC, and shall be granted, either with or without conditions, if the manager or designee finds that, when compared to other properties in the surrounding area, the connection would subject the property to a greater hardship or burden due to factors not caused by the person seeking the variance, which factors may include but are not limited to: topography; subsurface conditions; and surface drainages.

(d) Charges for water service shall commence to accrue the month next following the month during which connection is required to the water system. [Ord. No. 1694SA, §1, 3-17-14.]